PRAYER: Lord help us to take off our mask. Reveal to us in the mirror who we really are behind the mask. Allow us to be who we are called to be in and through You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Matthew 7:15

There will be moments when you have feelings of betrayal. You may even have feelings of resentment. You may even ask yourself, how did I get myself into this situation yet again? The problem is you never saw the signs in the beginning. You only saw the signs after the fact. You must ask God to give you a spirit of discernment. You also must ask Him to reveal to you things, prior to any relationship, that would not work well for you. Not everyone who is in your life should be in your life. Some people have a very good way of wearing masks and not revealing themselves until you are already locked in and committed to them.  

Be very careful not to surround yourself with sheep but then your unable to identify the wolves who wear sheep clothing. You still must know that many are not true to who they are so in return they cannot be true to you. You can still be a Christian and still be wearing a mask. TAKE YOUR MASK OFF and allow people to see you for who you truly are. God knows all and He sees all. Maybe you are one who may need to TAKE YOUR MASK OFF. You don’t have to hide who you are in order to try and please others. You only need to please God.   

Often times you hear people say that you just need to be the best version of you that you can be. Truth be told we must be careful at who we say this to because so many are wearing a mask and have become content in doing so. There is no character, no integrity, and no discipline in who they are. So to ask them to be the best version of themselves may not be the greatest piece of advice.

God on the other hand, knows why you hide under the mask. God knows why you hurt others or you just cannot be honest with your reflection in the mirror. God is also saying to you TAKE YOUR MASK OFF. Allow God to deal with your past hurts and issues so that you no longer have to hide behind that in which you are not. God is waiting to sit with you and look in the mirror with you. He’s saying to you TAKE YOUR MASK OFF. 

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