PRAYER: Lord despite the trauma we have experienced allow us the inner strength to know with certainty and confidence that You are working it out for our good and for the better. Heal us and make us whole in You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Romans 8:28

There will be times when you go through things that are very traumatic and devastating. It could be abuse, rape, molestation, teased and taunted, stalked, plagued with disease, death etc. Some people will expect you to get over these things right away. They may jokingly bring it up at family gatherings, among your friends, or even on social media. People may not understand the severity of your scars. They may not understand it all because they’ve never come close to walking a mile in your shoes. They cannot even begin to comprehend the fear, anxiety, or pain that you’ve experienced. 
You may still hold on to those secrets or you may have never felt comfortable or confident enough to talk about it all. You may even feel a certain way towards God and wonder why He never covered you or why He never kept you? You may even blame yourself for the trauma. Although no one can turn back the hands of time and although no two people feel the pain you carry the exact same way, allow me to tell you that it is okay to heal. You don’t have to heal in anyone else’s timing but your own. Some of you have been cut so deep and scarred so severely that people don’t understand your inner strength within.  
People don’t understand that you are tougher, smarter, and wiser on account of what you’ve been through. They don’t understand what it took to get you where you are. They don’t know the cost of your oil. They don’t understand your level of endurance. They don’t have a clue of the tears you’ve cried or the nights you’ve attempted suicide. They simply don’t know your story. My friends it is not enough for you to keep those stories hidden inside of you. It’s not enough to keep it all to yourself. Someone else needs your story for comfort and peace of mind.  
Do you recall feeling alone and in it by yourself? How you wished just one person for once would understand, hear your side, or take you seriously. Someone else feels like that too and you have the power now to get them through it. It’s not enough or even fair to be forced to heal when you still carry that pain within, but you must tend to your wounds and heal. God knows! He knows what you have been through. He knows it all. He wiped every tear from your eye, He held you every single time you cried, He made the way of escape for you, He whispered in your ears “I love you” when you felt so unloved. God was there.  

Although God doesn’t interfere with mans wrong choices and bad decision making off hand, He does have the power to turn your life around for the better. Some may not understand the position you are in right now. They may not be able to count the cost but in the end Christ paid it all. So be encouraged my brother, my sister. Your life is not a mistake. What happened is not your fault. Where you are is not by chance but where you are going is your choice. Choose wisely. Heal at your own pace completely. Know that you were born for a purpose and know that God has you covered. May the rest of your days be the best of your days!

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