PRAYER: Lord help us to tackle the giants of fear in our lives. Cheer us on and help us to believe in ourselves again.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Joshua 1:9

Being exposed to new things and a different light all together makes you think differently then you may have before. Being challenged to be better than you are requires a lot of hard work. It also prepares your heart and your mind to do and go for things you would have never tried in your past. There is one giant that tries to stand in your way and it is fear! It is through this giant that you must realize that God is with you. 

No matter how big the giant of fear maybe God will see you through. God will cheer you on when you don’t believe in yourself. He will cheer you on when you don’t think that you can do it or make it. He will cheer you on even when you are faced with the giants of worries and doubts. God believes in you and now is the time that you must start to believe in yourself as well. Let these giants fall by the waste side. It’s time to believe in yourself again!

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