PRAYER: Lord you have given us another chance to see morning. May our day be full of Your unconditional love towards us.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 143:8

It is in the wee hours of the morning that leaves a heart in awe of the beautiful mystery of life. It is during the morning hours that we find joy. Our weeping and sorrows have faded away, disappeared. IT’S MORNING! We hear the stillness and the mystery of the night. The clocks on the wall tic-tocs back and forth. The crickets prepare to be silent as the birds arise to sing their good morning hymn to their Creator. 

The sun begins to pierce through the clouds of darkness. The morning dew rests gently along the landscape and earths canvas of beauty. IT’S MORNING! God created the morning for you and I. A new start, a fresh beginning awaits you. Good Morning Prayers fly to the heavens and blessings fall back down from the heavens throughout your day. IT’S MORNING! It’s the most intimate part of our day as we read our devotion and prepare our hearts and minds for our busy day. God has blessed us yet again to arise and bask in the beauty of His glory. IT’S MORNING! 

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