PRAYER: Lord restore to us and give us back everything that we have lost during the process and journey that You have for our lives.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Joel 2:25-26

How often do we go through things and in the mist of what we are going through we lose people, things we love, and sometimes ourselves? During those times we are left to make some tough decisions about where we are and where we see ourselves going. Some of us are placed in tough situations that are out of our control. We are left to face these situations by ourselves, so it seems. In all actuality God is with us through it all. He sees and knows what you are going through, that is why He made promises to restore you. 

He doesn’t desire for you to lack or be without. The problem is that when some of us think about restoration we assume that it is going to be the very thing that we lost. There is more to restoration than cars, clothes, and money. There is restoration of sanity, when we thought we were going to lose our minds. There is restoration of joy when we felt like depression had overturned and won the battle. There is restoration of families being reunited and coming back together again. There is more to restoration than material possessions. Take a moment to reflect on some of the people and things you may have lost this year. Think back and see if God has restored you back with everything you lost, just in a different way. It is only then that you will see that God has not forgotten you but He has restored you!

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