PRAYER: Lord remind us daily that we are a reflection of You. Allow us to share who You are through our presence. Help us in TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS for your kingdom.


When you arose this morning you got up out of your bed, you made your bed up all nice and neat (most of us did), you brushed your teeth, combed your hair, dressed yourself, grabbed your keys and headed out the door. Some were headed to work, some to school or campus, some to exercise, and some to run errands. At the end of the day you were TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS. How would it be if we did the exact same moves and gestures with spending time with God? How would it be if we arose to get dressed for God? How would it be if we arose to go where we were going and we shared a smile or a kind hello with the people who we saw as we were out and about? How would it be if we were TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS. 

You were put here on this earth for a purpose. Out of that purpose we are a reflection of Christ and we must be mindful daily that we maybe the ONLY Jesus that someone sees. Not everyone you run into is a Christian and some people haven’t a clue of who Christ is. Yes they may have heard of His name before but it doesn’t mean that there is a relationship. Be disciples today and go into this world reflecting the characteristics, heart, and mind of Christ. Paint a picture of the God you love and serve through your daily lifestyle. Go forth and don’t be afraid of TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS….your Heavenly Father’s business. Remember, you maybe the ONLY Jesus they see!

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