PRAYER: Lord FILL THE HOLES of our character. Bring healing to the deep rooted issues of our hearts.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Jeremiah 17:14

As you approach your week, enter into it with the attitude of praise. We all have so many things to thank God for. While this is true, the actual topic matter is not on thankfulness and praise, as much as it is on, the matters of the heart. The hole in your character that so many of us neglect to let God fill. Praise is just one of the tools that will allow that hole to be filled. We walk around each day patching up that hole in our heart and we neglect to fill it up. We neglect to fill it up by getting in the presence of God and allowing Him to deal with our silent cries. We neglect to get in our prayer closets and quiet devotional times and let God penetrate to the core of the matter. Instead, we go before His throne asking Him for everything else. Lord fix my marriage, pay my bills, straighten out my child, or take this burden from my cup. 

We neglect the important moment of simply being in His presence, reevaluating our walk with God, revisiting past hurts, mistakes, and failures that we’ve brushed under the rug. We cannot fill the hole on our own. It is a process in which we must allow God to walk with us on. At the end of the process is not when we give God praise. No! We give God praise during the process while having our hole within our character and hearts filled. So this week lets work at filling these voids. Let’s work at allowing God to really fill the holes in our hearts. You cannot be all that God has called you to be with a broken heart and neglect to FILL THE HOLE. It’s better if your heart is healed and made whole in and through Christ. We have to take the time to deal with those deep and dark secrets and silent cries. We must heal through the process and allow the Holy Spirit to FILL THE HOLE in us.

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