PRAYER: Lord allow us to run our race swiftly. Cheer us on as we cross the finish line. Be with those who are still running for the prize.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Philippians 3:13-14

There will come a time when you have been through so much and you finally make it to the finish line. You have ran the race swiftly. You maintained your breathing. You kept your pace. Now it’s time for you to take a breather. Crossing the finish line with God is so much better than crossing it without Him. When you look back from where you started you will see that God was your strongest supporter. He cheered you on the loudest. He rumbled in the stands for you. He whistled and yelled when you were not fast enough in passing on the baton. He was there for you every step of the way. Some of you may not be finished with your race. Be encouraged and keep the faith. Keep looking and listening for Gods voice. Keep running for your prize. You are so much closer than you think. He is right there with you. Just keep RUNNING YOUR RACE. You’ve got this!

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