PRAYER: Lord help us to release our negative energy and turn it into POSITIVE VIBES. Surround us with Your love.


There will be days when you are in your feelings and in your emotions. You know as they say “Feeling some type of way”. It is during that time you must take a moment to think about what is causing you to feel like so. Is it something that can be taken care of right then and there? If so, then approaching the matter head on is of importance. If not, then there is no need for you to let it ruin your entire day. Instead fix your mind on the things of Christ. Change and shift your mindset to things that are going to bring peace and not disturbance into your life.   

God does not desire for you to live a life of being in your feelings. These moods can affect others around you. Instead think of ways that you can release the negative energy. Some say exercise and others say laughter. Either way you must get back on track with the positive moments. These are the moments that bring peace, joy, and love. Surround yourself with POSITIVE VIBES! 

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