PRAYER: Lord allow us to laugh hysterically. Place us in humorous situations. Let our spirits be lifted and encouraged.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 126:2

After an incredible weekend of family time there is one thing that I enjoyed more than anything, LAUGHTER. What an amazing emotion that God has blessed us with. I find it even more fascinating that if its funny enough the abs tighten up, the airflow isn’t as open, and tears come streaming down our faces. Those are the moments when the importance of LAUGHTER should be kept in mind. Not only does it cause you to be more youthful looking but it is rather contagious too. 

LAUGHTER releases tension, anger, and anxiety. This week make sure that you let go of any negative energy or vibes that maybe keeping your heart and mind troubled. Instead, put your focus on God and try to find Gods sense of humor. He really does have one believe it or not. Wear a smile of gladness and happiness. Don’t let the devil steal your joy. And no matter how bad life may seem right now just KEEP ON LAUGHING! 

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