PRAYER: Lord allow families to pull together, reconcile their differences, forgive, grant grace, and love again. Fill the void and bless those with Your love who are seeking for love.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 1 Timothy 3:5

Family is very important. No matter how angry or how upset you may feel towards a loved one take the time to resolve it and communicate effectively. So many families are walking around broken and in shambles all because there is a misunderstanding or they only want to see matters in there own way. Being a family requires love and patience with one another. Growth and space to have second chances. If God can be merciful and grant second chances to you then why is it so hard for you to grant grace to your family? Why is it so hard to forgive your family members when God forgives you daily? Think about it. 

We must have the spirit of God in our hearts and minds. We must pray for our families and love on our family, even if your family is not wrapped to tight. I didn’t say you had to be around an atmosphere of negativity but a simple phone call or a thinking of you card in the mail goes a very long ways. There are several ways to keep your family near to heart with a busy and hectic schedule, with technology you can stay connected from anywhere. So I encourage you to reconnect with your family. Talk through any hurts or animosity that you may feel. Knowing that God can reunite families back together again. After all FAMILY IS EVERYTHING!

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