PRAYER: Lord allow us to be a GOOD STEWARD over our finances. Allow us to bless those less fortunate within our means. Help us to keep our household intact.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 2 Corinthians 9:6-7

What do you do when you are selfless and your heart is in the right place? What is required of you when your heart desires to give but you just don’t have the money financially? How does God see us? Will God still bless us? These are questions that some of us ask when the collection plate comes around on Sunday morning. “God doesn’t look at your outward appearance but he looks at matters of the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7). God recognizes that you may not have it to give but He also requires you to be a GOOD STEWARD over your finances. That doesn’t mean go and spend your money on others when you haven’t taken care of your own home. You can’t sit in the dark because you didn’t pay your electric bill while trying to buy something or give something you don’t have. Some say it’s a sacrifice but in the eyes of God it’s foolishness.  

He entrusted you with money to take care of your household needs first. Then if you desire to invite a friend over the two of you won’t be sitting in the dark (because you didn’t pay your electric bill) calling it an ambiance while lighting candles. God requires you to take care of your home first. A sacrifice is when you have paid that electric bill and instead of buying those new shoes you don’t need you decide to donate it to the events within the church. That’s being a cheerful giver and a GOOD STEWARD over your finances. God knows the desires and motives of your heart. Don’t feel bad for being responsible. Instead ask God to provide other ways and methods for you to bless others. Be wise, be responsible, and be a GOOD STEWARD.

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