PRAYER: Lord allow us to rid ourselves of friends that are not good for us. Iron out the wrinkles of our past, help us to start a new, and allow us to HANG IT UP!

VERSE OF THE DAY: 1 Corinthians 15:33

My Personal Dilemma: If you know anything about me, laundry and I have this love/hate relationship. I’m not sure if it was how I was raised or what (may have been spoiled just a little). I generally have no problems washing a load BUT folding and hanging, I truly need prayer. I will iron them before I hang them but it’s something about folding and sometimes hanging them, I just feel so overwhelmed. I’d rather pick from the laundry basket until I’m frustrated and can’t find anything. It’s such a downfall but it’s my reality. I’ve gotten better in my eyes. It still needs a lot of work!

Lesson For The Day: I say all of that to tell you that friends are like these clean clothes. Some friends you just need to HANG IT UP with and let them go. Others you may need to iron out the wrinkles of the past and start a new. Some friends do nothing for you but create a nice and clean pile of a mess. Yes, they know how to keep you overwhelmed until you are frustrated and ready to throw in the towel. God doesn’t want you overwhelmed or frustrated with your friends but He wants peace in your heart with them. His greatest advice to you today concerning your friends is to iron out the wrinkles of the past, start a new, and HANG IT UP!  

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