PRAYER: Lord you have watched over us with your power. Continue to make us your TREASURED POSSESSION. Share us with others.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 2 Corinthians 4:7

Every day that you arise there is a moment to thank God. He holds your entire life in His hands. You may not understand the unconditional love that He has for you, but it’s there. It’s there to comfort you, to embrace you, and to cherish you. You are Gods prize possession. A treasure in His eyes. Everyday you must arise knowing how precious you are to Him. You must understand how every part of you is hand crafted by God Himself.

Sometimes even our environments we are brought up in, whether good or bad, are His way of pulling out of us strength when we felt weak. You are Gods precious jewel and a treasure that is hidden in His very bosom. Know that God loves you very much and He desires to share His special treasure (you) with others. Stay His TREASURED POSSESSION forever.

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