PRAYER: Lord send down your Holy Spirit to consume us in your love. Set our hearts on fire for You and only You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Hebrews 12:29

Have you ever been in a situation where it seems like you are consumed with fire and every where you walk or touch seems to burn and leave behind a trail of ashes? Have you ever lacked the love and the support that was needed to carry out your gifts and talents? Have you ever been misunderstood, accused, or judged falsely before you could even have the thought of doing anything wrong?

Allow the Holy Spirit to consume you in your humanly nature. Allow Him to step in and set your heart ablaze so that when you touch things it won’t burn to ashes but by His power it will remain intact. Allow Him to anoint your gift and make room for it. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak on your behalf for He will give you the words to say. God is with you wherever you may go. Allow His unconditional love to consume you until you’re polished from the fire and transparent in your heart. Let the fire of His love consume you.

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