PRAYER: Lord you created us to be originals and not copies. Allow our character to reflect You. Show us THE BEST VERSION of ourselves.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 10:9

Character is a very huge part of the human personality. It comes from being groomed with experience, some times through opposition and other times through valuable lessons learned. God is the only one who can define you. People will try to define you in order to jeapordize your character. Some will create lies, create false accusations, or simply defame who you are. You are a child of a King. A King who loves and adores you. You are of royalty and allowing others to place a false label on you is out of the question. 

You must know who you are on your spiritual journey and in life altogether. Never let anything from your past define you or try to have a place in your future. The past is over now and God will allow new things to take place and happen in your life. Be encouraged as you define your own nature and your own character. Only you can be the original you that your called to be. Be THE BEST VERSION of you that you can be!

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