PRAYER: Lord enlarge our territory. Make us fearless conquerors as we expand our hearts and minds before You.

VERSE IF THE DAY: 1 Chronicles 4:10

Walking into new territory can sometimes be very scary. Fear creeps in that shouldn’t be apart of you. It try’s to live in your presence but it doesn’t win because you already know God is in control. You try to navigate through all of the expectations, yet you are not even aware or familiar with the territory, so you think. Truth be told you are a lot more prepared for this expansion then you think or credit yourself. 

You are more than equipped to handle being the conqueror you were called out to be. You simply must keep your eyes stayed on the God who created the territory for you in the first place. He molded and tailored it just for you. So don’t let the land be your giant. Instead remember God is giant and He lives on the inside of you. Be fearless, hold your head high, and go with God as He expands and enlarges your territory. IT’S ALREADY YOURS!  

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