PRAYER: Papa give us the strength to withstand the heat. Bless us as You polish us and make us transparent.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 104:4 

So often you may find yourself in heated situations or heated discussions, both good or bad. You may never understand how you’ve managed to get into these situations during the time. Sometimes you will not understand how you landed where you stand. Often times you will not be able to explain the circumstances. You have this amazing ability to walk through it and live through it. You know with confidence that God loves you and is on your side. 

When life seems to place you in these situations you must remember the most important thing is that you are equipped to handle the fire. You are being polished and perfected by God because you are His diamond. A diamond is a lump of charcoal that knows how to withstand heat in order to have a crystallized look and finish. They become transparent in their look and during the process. You are simply going through the process. You too must become transparent in your ways of thinking, your perspective, and in your worldviews. Be encouraged as the temperature turns up a notch. Knowing that God is with you every step of the way. No matter what it is that life throws your way, just remember to TAKE THE HEAT! 


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