PRAYER: Lord allow us to bask in your presence. Take away the weights and responsibilities while we refuel and regain our energy and strength.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 27:8

There will be moments when you will be or feel thrown off. We all have those kind of days. We wake up feeling good but for a split second your responsibilities slip your mind. You are so caught up in the comfort of resting that nothing else matters. Just that intimate and quiet time with God is all your heart desires at the moment. 

There are times when you seek God trying to find a word to share with others. You search and search and you get nothing. (So you call it writers block when your a blogger.) You still get nothing! When you search and search and still no answer it’s nothing you have done. Sometimes it’s Gods way of saying “BE WITH ME”. You don’t have to try and figure anything out. You don’t have to let the scriptures jump out at you. No! Just be in my presence. Shy away for a moment like Jesus did and pray to me, talk to me, tell me all about your thoughts and more. “BE WITH ME”.

I encourage you to get lost is the presence of God. Clear your heart and your mind. Rest in Him and be refueled and restored. For once in your life, help yourself by letting go of it all. Let go of your worries, stress, anxiety, and anything that may trouble your heart. Be at peace as God simply asks you to “BE WITH ME”!

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