PRAYER: Lord allow us to share those intimate times with You. Allow us to expand our minds and our level of critical thinking. Allow us to explore new things. 

VERSE OF THE DAY: Nehemiah 8:8

Taking a few minutes to read a good book this summer is a great way to connect with God, yourself, and your family. I encourage you to read “The Gospels” in your bible with a summer read of your choice. If you’d like to stay in sync with us begin today reading Luke 1. One chapter per day until we finish “The Gospels”. Also we encourage you to read a chapter a day for your summer read of your choice. Do what you can for this. The goal is to spend time with God. We want to keep you thinking. Keep your mind active and motivated to learn and grow. So I encourage you to gather the family and do some fun activities with reading this summer. Begin today!

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