PRAYER: Lord prepare us for the rainy days like You do the sunny days. Shine your good graces upon us.


In life we must be prepared for the unexpected. We have our own plans, dreams, goals, and desires. We follow it and then out of the blue something goes wrong which means you have to go back to the drawing board. What happened? A parent gets sick, your money falls through, your car breaks down. All of these little things occur that takes you completely off track. I believe that we so often prepare and make plans as if nothing is going to happen, when nine times out of ten something is going to go wrong. We should not fear but we should plan ahead for a rainy day.

Our rainy days are just as important as our sunny days. God does not look at the sun or rain any different. One does not out do (dew) the other or out (shine) the other (I hope you get that). They are both created equal. The sun can bring you good or bad days and so can the rain. It’s a matter of being prepared as best as you can. I encourage you to double check where you stand on those rainy days. Ask God to help you be just as prepared for the good days as you are for the not so good days. Be prepared!

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