PRAYER: Lord allow us to recognize the trolls that try to live under the bridges in which we’ve built. Allow us to get rid of them through prayer and fasting.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 1 Peter 5:8

Every time I try to build a bridge to the other side there is always a troll. Although this troll may look cute and fuzzy with its wild colorful hair (and some not so much) it also likes to hold you back and set a trap for you. For some of you it’s the trap of falling in love with the troll (the wrong one), or the trap of doubting yourself and feeling stuck (hanging out with the wrong troll), or the trap of disbelief of the promises of God and wanting to turn back to a past that was not good for you to begin with (troll makes you afraid). The troll may even convince you that you are a goat and not one of Gods sheep.

Either way, the troll is out to slowly destroy everything you worked hard for and everything you built. It takes prayer and fasting to get rid of the trolls that are in your life that try to keep you from building your bridge over to the other side. Allow God to kick the troll back under the bridge where it belongs as you continue to build your bridge over to the promises of God. So I encourage you to ask yourself, who are the trolls that are trying to live under the bridge you have yet to complete? Think about it and then fast and pray as God gives you the tools and ability to continue to build your bridge to your promise. Watch out for trolls!

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