PRAYER: Lord you have held my hand every step of the way. I pray my story will encourage and bless others to tell their story.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Deuteronomy 31:8

Yesterday as I ruffled through several papers and getting things prepared for my attorney, I found myself laughing to myself at the thought of me having everything that was requested of me. How is it that I have paper work from years ago, I asked myself? I chuckled to myself thinking to myself, I am the biggest pack rat their is, or am I? Could it be that I hang on to these things because somewhere along this journey called life, I found myself walking down a similar pathway?

I paused for a minute at the thought of it all. I realized that I knew the procedures, I knew the protocols, I knew the laws and regulations. I knew exactly what I needed to do in case it happened again. As I reflected back on my journey I recognized that my previous circumstances were molehills compared to what I’m facing now. I later realized that this in which I thought was a mountain is now just a hill. When you reach a place in your life when your no longer are afraid, ashamed, or devastated to tell your story it is then that you have grown into the purpose God has for you.

Not once did God leave my side. Not once did He not provide any and everything that I needed. Not once did He not wipe the tears from my eyes. Not once did He not mention who I was to Him. Not once did I have to face a molehill, hill, or mountain alone. God held my hand every step of the way. Jesus words and teachings ministered to the core and depths of my soul. The Holy Spirit comforted me in ways that no one on earth has the capacity or the competence to do.

So I encourage you today to reflect back on all God has done for you. Don’t be ashamed to tell your story on how God brought you from there to here. Tell your story and help bless somebody who needs it more than you know. Your story will bless someone else who maybe going through those molehills which may at the moment feel and look like a mountain. If God can do it for you, he can surely do it again for you and for somebody else. Today, find somebody and tell your story.

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