PRAYER: Lord order our steps. Don’t let us stumble on rocks that are meaningless in our lives. Build us up for the journey and make us stronger.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 37:7, 23-24

There will be times in your life where you are let down and disappointed by those who are closest to you. You learn that people are not who they say they are or who they claim to be. You will find yourself exhausted from wasting positive energy on that which is negative. Lies about you may roll from their tongues. They may try to separate you from the very people or things that you love. 

They will do all of this while smiling in your face. They are so quick to gain access to what belongs and was promised to you. Some may desire favor or even your attention thinking that you will pour out all of you to them, only for them to use it against you. A lesson to those avenues and pathways are written on your heart. You learn to keep your friends of old near and keep your family who loves you near.

Truth is this is a road you must travel alone. You must walk it out with Christ guiding your every footstep. You must smile and be polite to those who undermine you. You must pray for hearts to draw closer to God and further away from drama and confusion. It is during that time where you must continue to pray and continue to fast. Remember God sees all and God knows all. Put your faith and your trust in and through Him. He will guide you and see you through.

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