PRAYER: Papa thank you for completing what you started in us. Have your way in and through our lives.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Philipians 1:6

There will be times on your walk with Christ where you simply don’t have all of the answers. You may lose your confidence. Things may come your way and seem a little confusing or complicated. Don’t be or feel discouraged in the mist of confusion. You know what it is that you need God to work out for you in your life. Ask Him to step in and take complete control over that in which you have no control over.  Allow God the opportunity and the chance to show up in your life. Don’t let the problem or scenario get the best of you. Have patience knowing that God is here with you every step of the way in all you do. So be encouraged knowing God already has it done. If God started a good work in you He will carry it through to completion!


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