PRAYER: Lord allow us to run to you when we stumble and fall. Wash and cleanse our wounds. Anoint us with your healing oils. Bandage us up and allow us to choose to be happy again.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 15:13

Life has this way of raising you high and then knocking you down. During these times we can find ourselves feeling a little blue or falling into depression. It is important that when life throws you several curve balls of change at once or when life leaves you sitting in the sidelines, it’s very important that you maintain your happiness. Happiness will be what sustains you. Happiness is a choice. It is a decision that you must make that comes from within. Happiness is the decision and choice to make due with what it is that you have while not letting it get the absolute best of you. Will you cry? Absolutely. But like a child who falls down and skids their elbows and knees on the sidewalk, they cry during the moment, get bandaged up, and then they are right back outside playing all over again.  
Our hearts must remain like the heart of a child. We must realize that life is going to knock us down or cause us to stumble and fall but we still must cry it out for the moment, bandage it up as best we can, heal from it, and move forward only to get back out there and play again. You never hear a child get injured and every hour thereafter complain about the pain and how their life is going to be over because it’s going to cause them the most hideous looking scab, then it’s going to leave a scar that is going to mess up their beauty secret or ruin their elementary school career. You never hear a child say my life is over due to this incident so I am going to mope around all day with a box of tissues and watch “Despicable Me” and enjoy the “Minions” to help alleviate my pain. No! That child gets whatever they need to heal and they get right back out there and do the same exact thing that they did before they came crying and running in the house to receive their treatment.  

How much better this world would be if whenever we were injured or hurt during this walk of life if we would take the time to run into our Fathers house (The House of God/Church) to receive healing power and restoration. Instead we walk around with open wounds that are bleeding and for majority of us they are festered over, infected, and swollen, and we call ourselves whole. We lie to ourselves and say there is nothing wrong with us. Yet you fall off of your bike in life everyday. How your heart needs healing and to find happiness again. You cannot be happy without being washed, cleansed, anointed, and healed. There are steps to happiness just like their are steps to cleaning a wound. It’s a process, a choice, and a decision. The choice is yours. Take the steps towards healing and choose happiness!

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