PRAYER: Papa don’t allow us to miss out on the educational tools that you have given us. Help us to learn your word that we may pass this down to our children and they to their children. 


It’s important that if you plan on growing or developing in any area of your life, that you take the time to learn. This means reading and studying while retaining and gaining knowledge. Gods word was not created just to lay on your coffee table or your night stand. It was created as a tool, an instrument, a guide for your life. People who do not take the time to read and study the Bible should realize that they are not only lacking in their spiritual food and exercise but that they are lacking in learning. The Bible is not strictly for spiritual purposes.  

 The Bible is an educational tool that marks and tells a history and several series of events. It speaks from a cultural perspective and marks the eras that we read about in history books. The Bible is full of written psalms and poetry, as well as prayers of a people who have come before us. It speaks of Egyptian calendars and the wars and captivity of the land of Israel and the events within the Western world. 

It most importantly speaks of a Christ who’s genetic make up was both God given spirit and human flesh and blood. A DNA that has never been spoken of in any other human on this planet. That alone is such a fascinating scientific and genetical topic to explore (the sweating of blood has been researched and documenteries have been made). It speaks of His life and His teachings here on the earth.  

 I encourage anyone who has the ability to read (and now a days we live in a generation where the Bible is audible) and hear to let them do so. Learn and grow in your life. The words leap from the pages and stop you in your very tracks. The Bilbe is more than talking about our sins, our wrongs, or our faults. This a small snippet of the Bible. It is about so much more than this. It teaches you about a God who truly does love you. 

He loves you enough to educate you. He loves you enough to give you knowledge, wisdom, insight and understanding. So what if the Bible is not written exactly like our history books or written literature or like our children’s text books. It is still a very educational and informative piece that has been filmed and captured by many actors/actresses and artists for us visual learners.  

 I encourage you this summer to take the time to read through “The Great Gospels” Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. We are currently on Mark 7. Enjoy a chapter a day and take the time to learn and do more research for yourself. Explore and spend that time with God. He is waiting for you. If you don’t chase after Him He will definitely chase after you because He loves you and you are His child. Find out how you are His child and what causes you to be apart of such an amazing God through the New Testament chapters. 

Learn of the many struggles throughout the Western World (Europe, Mediterranean, Babylonia, Rome, Greece, etc.) and pieces of the Eastern World (The Middle East, Israel, North Africa, etc.) and the brave and courageous characters of the Bible. You may find out this summer that you are a lot like theses characters in your own ways. So take the time to read and study your Bible. Don’t fall behind in this class called life. Make sure that you are present and accounted for. 

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