PRAYER: Papa forgive us for our sins. Help us to do right by You. Continue to extend Your love, mercy, and Your grace. 

VERSE OF THE DAY: Galatians 2:20, 1 Timothy 1:15 

Often times we hear about so many things that seem so uncomfortable to talk about. We turn on the news and we see black churches burning down, police brutality, LGBT’s celebrating, polygamy is trying to enter our nation, confederate flags waving in the air, white supremacist influencing people and supporting certain politicians, people being killed because of what their religious belief and preferences are. We look at our world, our nation, and we are all apart of a world which breathes and bleeds forth sin. It pours through the rocks and roars through the oceans. 

The storm clouds are forming thunder and lightening and it’s a miracle that God has granted us mercy and forgiveness and not sent down some acid rain cloud to destroy everything. He has been so gracious not to flood the earth as He did in the days of Noah, in which he sends a rainbow. What about the fire that fell from the skies of Sodom and Gomorrah. How can we say in God we trust and then continue to sin against God?  We are dressing up like angels but living our lives like devils. When will it all end?

 So where am I going with this? I’m going in the direction of looking at yourself in the mirror and holding yourself accountable for your own sin. While my heart loves everybody my heart also serves a God who sees sin as an abomination. Now here is where it gets sensitive. No one wants to confess or admit that they are a sinner saved by Gods grace. Well let me be the first to say that I am a sinner saved by Gods grace. I don’t have it all right. I’m working at it daily. No one is perfect! Wrong is wrong and right is right. You can’t change that principle. 

 People desire to make up their own rules to justify their wrongs. It’s great that you want to fit in and that you want to belong. We all do. But whether you like it or not, sin is sin. You can’t change that principle alone. We have to stop sugar coating where we stand in our sins. We sugar coat it in the laws of the land but no one desires to admit it. We have to die to our flesh daily and walk this thing out with Christ. Is it easy? No! Is it hard? Yes! Can we do it? Through Christ and his strength, love, mercy, and grace. We can do it. 

So I encourage you today to fight the temptations. Get rid of those urges of sin by dying to your flesh (self) and giving it over to God. God loves you so much through your sin. He desires for you to live better and be better as a people and as a nation. Will you have it right all of the time? Absolutely not! But you can overcome your sins. It’s a daily process. I don’t have to tell you what sin is. Open your bible, study the word, and let it transform you. Do right by God and do right by yourself. Love yourself enough to not bring sin around you. It’s a daily process but you can do it!  


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