Rudy Currence: Sunday AM
PRAYER: Papa give us the strength to make it until Sunday AM for in Your presence is where we desire to be. Don’t let us reach the point of burn out. 

VERSE OF THE DAY: Exodus 20:8-11

Lately God has been dealing with me in areas pertaining to my gifts/talents. So often we maybe anointed in an area and we never get the opportunity to explore that gift/talent like others do. It could be because of our hectic or busy schedules, but we still have a tough time really catering to that area of ministry. Ministry is exactly what may birth forth when you have a gift/talent that can be used to edify God. The only problem pertaining to us is that ministry takes work. It’s not that our hearts are not willing, we simply don’t have the time due to many of life’s circumstances. I always beg to differ. I believe strongly that people make time for what they want to make time for. 

We find ourselves giving so much of ourselves out to other people that we neglect to realize that our very own gifts/talents are really what is necessary in bringing our lives balance. We find ourselves enjoying what we do. Very seldom do you find anyone who has a particular gift/talent say that they hate their gift/talent. Usually you won’t here this because people like being good at something. They like to know that they too make a difference in this genius of a society. This is not about gifts/talents as much as it is about using and operating in them. Some of us use them faithfully and we can reach the point of burn out if we are not careful. 

I encourage you to hang in there until we approach Sunday AM. It’s something about going to church and being in Gods presence and getting revitalized and rejuvenated for the upcoming week, whether live or online. It doesn’t matter what denomination you are or maybe considering, what matters is that you are there to have the Holy Spirit pour into your almost if not all the way empty cup. Filling your cup up is of importance. While its tradition to look at the weekend as a time of worship and fellowship, it also doesn’t mean you have to wait until the weekend. You can fill your cup up at anytime during the week with the reading and teachings of Gods word. Technology is everywhere and you can find a sermon or a ministry anywhere in the world. Don’t reach the brinking point of burn out. Instead find your balance and attend church on Sunday AM.
FILL MY CUP UP: Need a church to your liking. Check out this link to churches globally: Streaming Faith

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