PRAYER: Papa we thank you for our flashbacks. We thank you for showing us the truth about You being there for us every step of the way. 


Do you ever sit back and look over your life and begin to thank God for how He has brought you over? God has this way of getting you in that quiet space and all of a sudden you have a flashback. You start to thank him for ever mountain and every valley He has brought you through. 

I encourage you to pay close attention to those flashbacks. Those flashbacks may be the answers that you need to the questions that you may have now in your future. Remembering where you come from and how far you have made it with God makes a difference. It’s a moment for you to see His grace, His mercy, and His love for you. 

So don’t worry about your today or your tomorrows. Instead have a flashback of your past. Give God praise for bringing you out and seeing you through. Don’t ever take for granted the little things that God has done in your life. I encourage you to pause and have a flashback. God knows exactly what you need and what you are going through. Trust Him to carry you even further into your destiny. And when you finally reach your destination, simply have a flashback!  


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