PRAYER: Papa help us to fight our battles knowing that You are with us. Show us who are here to support us and love on us. Help us to have victory over what looks like giants.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Deuteronomy 20:4, Judges 7

There will be moments when you feel helpless and powerless. For whatever reason you will see the battle as being greater than you. It is during that time that we should remember that God is with us. He stands right beside us. He provides for us the weapons that we need in order to prepare for the battle. You can’t just give up and quit fighting just because the giant (circumstances) looks as if it will out do you. You must remember who has all power in his hands. 

 Your journey may be long, the road may seem too far ahead. You may not feel you have the strength you need to carry on but if you look around you then you will see you have more support and love than you think. Ask God to send you a good support system if you don’t already have one. Whether He sends you a counselor, a pastor, a friend, a organization or group, whatever it maybe know that God is with you and won’t forsake you when you feel like your strength is not enough.

 I encourage you this week to spend time with God. Ask Him to identify your support systems in your life. Ask Him to reveal to you that He is here with you when your faith seems a little shakey. Ask Him to show you the giants that you face in the battle. Be sure to find the scriptures that match your scenario.  Reflect and meditate on the characters of the bible. In this case look at Gideon. Use your critical thinking and see how God wants you to apply his story to your life. Remember, the giant may look big to you but no matter what you have the victory.

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