PRAYER: Papa allow us to play the game the right way. Give us patience in certain areas as we wait for what you promised us. Grant us the strength in standing firm on your word.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Genesis 16

How often do we put matters into our own hands? God promises to do something for us and instead we don’t desire to wait on God. It’s the waiting game that can drive us up a creek. What we fail to realize is that it is the waiting that positions us to trust God. It’s the waiting game that reminds us to stand firm on the word, His word.  We often times have a tendency to call ourselves helping God fulfill the promise. We fail to realize that we don’t have to help God. God has already aligned and set things up for us. What we thought was a major setback is really a major setup orchestrated by God Himself. 

 So I encourage you to stop trying to help God, instead try waiting on God. Yes, this means you must play the waiting game! You must realize that God doesn’t need your help, it’s the other way around. We need Gods help. We need His help in giving us patience in waiting on Him and what he promises to fulfill. Putting matters into our own hands just causes a big chaotic mess. So do not only do yourself a favor but do God a favor and let Him fulfill that in which He said He would do. The wait won’t be much longer. If it took Sarai nine months to receive her promised child through Abram. What makes you think that God won’t send the promise your way. Be encourage and play the game. WAIT! 


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