PRAYER: Papa allow us to pick and choose our weights. Teach us how to carry our yoke as well as our brothers and sisters, make us more Christ like on a daily basis. 

VERSE OF THE DAY: Matthew 11:29-30

There will be times when you have to choose your weights. Some of them are a test of your faith. Others are simply there to make you stronger within your character. It is important to monitor how you conduct your attitude towards others. People will disregard how you feel in order to place more attention on their own situation. They may feel that it is okay to mistreat you because they are having a not so good day. It’s is okay to correct the person and make them aware that they are not the only one who is up against adversity. You too face adversity yet conduct yourself in a manner that shows and teaches them the correct way of how to conduct oneself during adversity. Being an example can be tough and very challenging but it is doable. 

 In picking your weights you are maturing and growing into a place where you can not only handle your own but handle the yoke of others around you. You may ask, “Why would I want to do that?” You want to do it because Jesus taught this teaching concerning casting all of your cares upon Him for his yoke is easy and His burden is light. Jesus understood how to handle carrying the yoke of his own and carrying the yoke of others. This is a very tough challenge within the Christian faith. So often we desire to be the burden rather than be the yoke carrier. We have lacked in the skill set of understanding and familiarizing ourselves with what we can handle and what weights simply are not worth lifting. It is in this that we understand the true and ultimate sacrifice of carrying our brothers and sisters through in the faith. 

 I pray that my words bring forth clarity and that somehow you will understand the characteristics of Christ and what it means to display the attitude of Christ. Being a Christian is more than being able to talk religious jargon. Being a Christian involves having a meek spirit and a humble heart that reflects the things of Christ. Will it always be easy? No! Absolutely not. Can you practice daily? Absolutely. You can practice walking your faith out, sacrificing, and caring the yoke of others, in exchange for the burden of Christ which is light. Is it easy? No. But if Christ can do it for you then you are equipped and more than capable of doing it for others. Pick and choose your weights wisely, be a Christ like example, help carry your brothers and sisters yokes when they struggle, and love on people even when their attitudes disregard your feelings as a person. It’s a challenge but it’s what it means to be a Christ like Christian. 

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