PRAYER: Papa allow us to see our gifts that you have placed within us. Allow us to continue to practice so that we may glorify You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Romans 12:6-8


Gabby Douglas (USA Olympics)
PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! This saying has so much truth. Have you ever seen people in church and you wonder how they can do that church shout so well? What about the liturgical dancers and how well they can move? The worship leader who stands up to lead praise and worship, how well they can sing? Never the least what about the anointed vessel of God, your Bishop or Pastor, how well they can teach or preach? They all operate and flow in their gifts with such grace. Don’t be fooled. What you see did not just fall from the heavens over night. What you see is a lot of practice because PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!
 I encourage you as we wind down from the week to really consider what you could use a little more practice in involving your own gifts (spiritual gifts). Just because our gifts (spiritual gifts, 1 Corinthians 12:4-11) are used to edify God doesn’t mean that we should not be practicing in these areas. 

So why should we practice? We should practice one because we desire to give our very best to God who by Himself is an audience of one. We two should do it because we are a reflection and example of Christ. Everyone who enters the sanctuary is not already saved or even convinced about Christ dying for their sins. We tell our testimony through our gifts. When others see the Christ within us they are able to relate. Furthermore, they are able to begin to desire the God that you serve. 
So be mindful of your gifts (spiritual gifts), use them to edify God, and bring glory to His name. It takes work in learning and understanding your spiritual gifts. It takes work in that you must audition for an audience of one. We may sometimes feel like we are not cut out to do certain things when it comes to glorifying God. The reality of it is that God placed that gift (spiritual gift) inside of you so that you can glorify Him. Don’t let it go unnoticed or hidden. Let your light so shine for all of the world to see. You have a gift that needs much of your attention. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!  

16 year old
Gabby Douglas (USA Olympics)

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