PRAYER: Papa we are almost depleted. Fill our cups up until our lives overflow with more and more of You. 

VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 3:9-10

It’s the end of the week and your cup is almost on empty. You have worked hard this week and now your thirsty. You are thirsty for the things of God. You desire to have that empty cup filled to the brim. “You search all over and can’t find anybody” (Vashawn Mitchell). Nobody greater than the Holy Spirit can fill your cup until it is overflowing. 

I encourage you before Sunday, as your week begins, to take a few minutes to figure out a way to fill your cup before it runs completely dry. It could be spending time with God, spending time with yourself, getting things done here and there that are constantly on your mind and making you feel incomplete. Ask God to fill your cup until it overflows. Work on you not being depleted so that others won’t drain you. Get to a place where you can bless others without having an empty cup. Ask God to overflow in and through your life as you enjoy your weekend. Fill us up God! 


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