PRAYER: Papa allow us to rehearse the verses of your promises to us. Let us not forget who we are as children of You. Bless our hands with your promises. 

VERSE OF THE DAY: 2 Corinthians 1:2

There are times when we really desire something but we allow our negative thoughts to take it away from us. Doubts and fears creep in and everything that God promised us all of a sudden looks dimmer. We forgot all about Gods goodness and mercies that He did for us yesterday, let alone last month when He got us out of that bind. So why is it so hard for us to accept the positive things that God desires to give us? 

 God desires to bless your life and desires for your life to be abundant. We must rid ourselves of negative thinking. We must rehearse the verse. What do I mean by rehearse the verse? We must open our bibles and pull out those verses that are full of Gods promises to us and we must rehearse the verse over and over again until we start to believe it. In us speaking it aloud we are shifting the atmosphere and praying to God and saying that this is what your word says. I not only am reading these promises aloud but I am speaking these promises into existence. I desire the promises of my God and I believe that my God can do ALL THINGS. 

 So I encourage you this week to rehearse the verse. Rehearse it until you start to believe it and you start to walk into it. God hears you so much more than you think or know. He also appreciates it when His children take the time to know and understand more about Him. This is a good way to do so. Rehearse the verse so the verse can rehearse your promise right before your very eyes.

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