PRAYER: Papa build and restore our relationships with one another. Rebuild those bonds that are destroyed. Allow us to discern who our true friends are. 

VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 18:24

Building a relationship with anyone does not happen over night. It takes both time and effort on both parts. Building trust, tearing down the walls to old barriers, not communicating and expressing how you feel can all be indicators that you must step back, pause, and reevaluate the sensitive treatment of every close relationship that you have. Finding a true friendship, mentor, or role model is another topic to analyze. Who do you have in your space? Who genuinely cares for you enough to tell you if you are wearing the right shoes with that outfit? Who is not secretly jealous of you? Who has your back during those hard times when you are trying to better who you are? 

 Be careful who you call your real friends. Don’t be fooled by the amount of followers you have on social media. Sometimes your true followers are your family and your closest friends. How do you know who are your true friends? If you were to die today or tomorrow (God forbid) who will be the six pallbearers to carry you through your transitioning process? Yes, we will all meet in heaven on the other side so don’t miss that sweet chariot when it swings low. What friends are with you every step of the way? Do they know how much you mean to them and how much you care for them? Do your actions display and express that you are a true friend towards them? So be encouraged this week. Learn and know who your true friends are. Understand your relationships altogether. Express yourself to your friends with effective communication skills. If you need more than say so. If you need less then express that. 

 Don’t leave people to read your mind. They are not God so don’t expect them to hold positions as if they are, instead simply use better discernment. Are they kind to you and others? Do they love what you love? Are they trying (sometimes we don’t credit our friends efforts)? Are they on your team, will they cheer you on and encourage your inner man? Do they have God in their life on display? So I encourage you this week to build your relationships. Don’t assume someone is mad or upset with you. Ask them if they are and if they say yes work through resolving the problem together as a team. So this week build, grow daily, and discern from within. Good friends are truly hard to find! 

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