PRAYER: Lord allow us to remember our servitude to others. Provide for us where we need it financially. Sharpen our gifts and send us the right business transactions.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Deuteronomy 8:18

After learning that I have a creative niche I learned that this niche has a price. In doing so I began to do more research and found that this is what I enjoy doing and it provides rather nicely. It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s bright and colorful like me. This niche is graphic designing. Now I won’t say that this is the correct terminology for it or that I even know the proper in’s and out but I will say that this is what I enjoy doing. Your gifts will begin to make room for you. I’m learning currently the value in what I do. I’m not going to sell myself short but at the same time you must remember that your gift is a gift from God. This means that there will be times that you have to make smart business decisions and you have to bless others instead of your blessing your pockets.

It’s ministry and you must pick and choose those transactions wisely. As a Godly woman it is important that we don’t take the value of money out of context but that we rely heavily on God as being our ultimate source. Don’t let anyone take advantage of your niche for it is of value, but don’t get bitter and ugly because someone couldn’t afford to pay you what your worth either. Instead assist them and work with them. Have patience with them and help to make their life easier. Plant a seed that allows them to remember that God loved them through you. We must know that their will be business transactions that fall short but in the mist of that transaction you have to ask yourself:

1.) Did I help somebody?

2.) Did I work with what they could honestly afford?

3.) Did I bless their day and make them smile?

4.) Did I assist and educate them in the best way that I could?

Sure money doesn’t grow on trees. No! It just means your work has more value and you must find those who can make a good transaction with you. So the next time you are at work assisting your clients or patients think about your demographics. See where you are investing your efforts and your time. Are you investing your efforts and time into the right people, places, and things? Are you connected to the right people? God may already have a stadium of people set up for you but you may have to be obedient to your covering and your Overseer.

God did not give you a covering (spouse/fiance, parent, business partner, etc.) for you to go out here and do what it is that you want to do when you want to do it. You must still communicate effectively to one another and be on the same page, even if it is your baby. Your covering has been next to you every step of the way and should be aware of what is going on with you when your so busy with your baby. It’s courtesy, it builds a trust bond, and it draws you closer into intimacy naturally and spiritually. Think on these things and then implement them. (Your courtship/marriage/partnership matters so take it seriously).

God maybe shifting you into a greater level to show you your value and your worth. Where you fall short financially and in your time as well, remember that God is the Overseer of your finances and the Father of your time. He will not let any of your hard work be in vain. So work hard diligently and unto the Lord for in the end He has your true reward. Continue to love on others, support them, and bless them where they need it most. God in return will reward you! 

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