PRAYER: Papa allow us to declutter our space from people and things that take away from our PEACE of mind. Grant us wisdom where needed. 

VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 12:20

God has this way of taking you through things when you are younger so that as you get older you are able to endure whatever may come your way. Although God is not finished with you or me it is wise of us to be careful in which battles we decide to fight. I have learned that people are not always going to like you as a person. They may not even agree with the things you agree with. They may even be very opinionated about what you are doing. What I have learned is that God has given me a very precious gift. It is called PEACE

 PEACE allows me to make better decisions and choices. It allows me to handle my situations and circumstances better. One thing that I do not allow is for my peace to be taken away from me or invaded. What do I mean when I say this? It means that everyone is entitled to their space or their own personal time. I value this concept very much. It is to the point where I do not allow people or things to invade my space or my PEACE of mind without my permission. No one is allowed to come within a certain area and cause dysfunction or disrupt my atmosphere. If I believe that this is occurring then I take whatever steps are necessary to keep my space and my peace as decluttered as possible. This will also include chaos and confusion. I simply don’t desire this in my space. People ask me often why are you so happy and so bubbly and my answers to it all is that I don’t let people and things dictate my happiness. I don’t allow people or things to clutter my space or my PEACE. 

 Some people may argue that I should be more open or more closer to them. I should have more friends, etc. The problem is I already have close friends and my circle is very small. In order to maintain, I don’t let people tell me what I should have. I feel as though I have a mind of my own and I am more than capable of using it. In most cases this means I choose a PEACE of mind but there are occasions when people  don’t set up the atmosphere of PEACE. This simply means you are swept away in my decluttered pile. Sometimes this may mean you receive a block or delete. It’s nothing personal but I genuinely discuss my decision and I carry on. I’m generally more patient with those who are close to me but if I feel they invade my space or take away from my PEACE, then again it’s nothing personal it’s just done to protect my heart, my mind, and keep my own sanity. 

 So I encourage you to declutter any and everything that you may have that is cluttering your space and taking away from your PEACE. Ask God to reveal to you the people and things that may be taking away from you and a PEACE of mind. Ask God to give you the gift of PEACE and allow you to also be a PEACE maker for atmospheres. Take the time to explain your decisions if asked and be sure to pick and choose your battles wisely. Remember to do whatever it takes to keep your sanity and a PEACE of mind. 

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