PRAYER: Papa allow us to remember our progress. Take away all anxiety and worry as we work towards positive goals. Help us to pass the test. 

VERSE OF THE DAY: Dueteronomy 8:2

Have you ever had to study for a major exam but don’t know whether or not you are going to pass or not. Anxiety creeps in and worry knocks at your door. You have been over the material over and over again but it just feels like it is not clicking. It is during that time that we must pause and take a look at our progress. Remember that God is with you. God was right there every step of the way. Look at how far along you have come. Don’t be so hard on yourself considering you set out to accomplish a goal, a task, and you did it. You were afraid but you were brave and so now look at your progress. You did it! You are doing it. 

 So I encourage you today to thank all of your enemies, haters, those who said no, and that in which became a stumbling block. If it had not been for it all you would not be making such a positive decision for your life. Whether it’s working towards passing an exam for licensure or staying in school until graduating from high school. Either way you did it, you are doing it, and you just have to keep at it. It doesn’t matter what the test may consist of just keep studying, doing your best, and living to see the end results. If at first you don’t succeed then simply dust yourself off and try again. You have what it takes and you can pass the test!

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