PRAYER: Papa allow us to explore new things. Give us permission to replace things that are old to things that are new. Give us change on the outside and within.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 2 Corinthians 5:17

Options are on the table. You have several different choices. You can either explore your other options or stay stagnet with your choices. God is a God of variety. He likes change and He likes new things and beginnings. He is the God of a second chance, the God of a new thing, the God who is Alpha and Omega (the beginning and the end). There will be moments when you get tired of doing the same ol’ thing. It is during that time I encourage you to switch it up a bit. Have some variety in your life. Stop wearing the same ol’ clothes, eating the same ol’ food, sitting on the same ol’ furniture from twenty years ago. 

 Change your style and add a little “Umph” to your life. It’s spring, so change your bathroom and your comforter set to spring colors. Ditch the dark colored wardrobe and add some color, life, and variety to your life. Stop wearing the same shoes, change your shirt, do something that makes a statement about who you are. Show your personality and show you have the ability and capability to change. If plain is your thing then switch to a different solid color other than gray, white, blue, and black. Go ahead and add some khaki. If you can make very minor changes with something as small as this then you will begin to grasp the concept of change in your ways of thinking. Change will penetrate your heart and you won’t want to live the same old dried, tired, and boring life. 

 Now I didn’t say go and explore in something that will bring hurt, harm, or danger to you or others but switch up your story just a bit. Don’t be predictable all of the time. Have a little fun every six months or so. Do something fun, unique, and different. Don’t waste away and die but live. You are so worth the new change, the new excitement, and the new adventure. Think on these things and then do it. You’ll be so glad you did!

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