PRAYER: Papa give us a brave heart as we face our fears. Allow us to rely and trust solely on you. Show us your unfailing love as we endure the testing process. 


 There are times when we have to face things that we don’t quite understand. Fear tries to rock your cradle and denial may even try to settle within. You may not have anyone to turn or anyone to call. You may not know anyone who can relate, give you a hug, or simply rub you on your back. The whispers of false lies may try to blanket your soul. It is during this season that you must rely solely on God to get you through. You can’t depend on your family and you can’t rely on your friends. The only hand that you have to hold is Gods. 

 No matter how dark your valley may seems and no matter how difficult your circumstances may be, God is right here next to you cheering you on. He desires for you to win and be on top even when it doesn’t look like it naturally. He was the one who gave you the test. It is up to you to pass it. It is up to you to trust God completely knowing that in the end Gods reward for you is far greater than the season you are walking in. God desires to give you the desires of your heart but there are times that alongside that desire you have to endure the pain and exercise your faith. 

 Remember it’s not about what others understand during this season but it’s about what you understand with your relationship with God. Draw closer to Him. Remember that just because in life you are facing something, does not mean that God is punishing you or doesn’t love you. It simply means that He sees the best in you. God desires to pull the best out of you but you have got to trust him and most importantly you have got to walk, talk, and spend time with Him. So be encouraged and face your fears with a brave heart, knowing God is with you every step of the way! 

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