PRAYER: Papa allow us to make better decisions and choices that involve You. Don’t let us live a life thinking we can do it all without You. Be the center of our decision making. 

VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 3:5-6

How often do you find yourself in the most awkward situations? You don’t know how you landed where you are. It all seemed to go by so fast. One minute you were in one position and the next minute you were in another position. It is during these times that we must take responsibility for our own choices and decisions along the way. Although it feels like we just woke up and landed where we are, the reality of it is is that you made some really serious and tough choices along the way. You had to trust and believe that God knew what He was doing and could see the unknown pieces to your future. It took a lot of faith on your part to withstand and to endure. You did all of this and more. 

 I encourage you to reflect on the choices an decisions that you have made over the past five years. Ask yourself was it worth it? Did you accomplish anything major? If not, what are you doing to change this today? What can you do differently in order to have a better outcome? Making a good decision can alter your destiny for the good but making a good decision with God can alter your destiny for the better. Leave Him in it in all that you do and you can never go wrong, whether your decision is good or bad. He will find a way to work it out for your good. Trust Him and believe!  


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