PRAYER: Lord You make me stronger through Your unconditional LOVE. You’ve mended all of my scars and all of the many shattered pieces of my heart.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Romans 8:38-39

Have you ever found a LOVE that makes you stronger than where you were? Have you ever had anyone help build you up brick by brick? How about having someone who helps your scars heal? Have you ever felt like you were on cloud 9 after going through so much? You shine so bright with your smile. You can now help to light up others pathway on account of the light that is illuminating from within. You look up to the hills and you realize you are so much stronger than what you were.

You were left to be broken. You were left for dead. You were criticized, possibly hated, despised, ridiculed. You were torn in two. Then comes along that special someone who makes you fly and sore higher than you’ve ever been and lifting you out of the whirl wind of destruction. You were tossed and confused. You had fallen so deep. So deep to the point you never wanted to be pulled out of the pit. Safety nets embrace you and it’s ropes never tear in order to hold you close. They are made strong simply for you with strength of perfection.

Where you were is no longer but where you are is the start of where you are supposed to be. You have reached your destination. You have fallen deeply in LOVE with the concept of LOVE. LOVE has held you close to the heart that beats solely for you and I. LOVE bleed for you and I. It sacrificed everything it had to make sure we could never be separated from it. It opened the door to unconditional all for you and I. It’s all available to you and I. Its because of this kind of LOVE that we are made stronger. IT’S THE POWER OF LOVE….GOD’S LOVE!!!!

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