PRAYER: Lord you have given us visions and dreams that we don’t always understand. Give us strength and obedience through the process. 

VERSE OF THE DAY: Hebrews 11:7

Have you ever imagined or invisioned something that was so outlandish and so absurd  and then revealed it to someone with the hopes that the person you revealed it to would take you seriously? Instead you are talked about, mocked, and ridiculed as if you came up with the genius of an idea yourself. As if God didn’t constantly wake you up at the same time every night in order to reveal it to you and  place the same vision over and over again in your heart. When truth be told you don’t even see yourself as being any of what He revealed to you. You never even asked for this idea or vision. Your on the pathway in which you didn’t even ask for. You constantly want to quit and throw in the towel.

Yet you are treated as if this was your very own decision. As if your life was placed on this pathway or this decision made by you. The repetive behaviors in which you have seen before from others are beginning again. The one you thought had your back is the one that’s turned against you the most. Your left alone to figure it all out. Dissatisfied with the entire process and yet you don’t have a choice but to get over yourself, suck it up, and live through it, as if life hasn’t already dealt you a basket of lemons. You try your best to make lemonade but instead it leaves a sour taste in your mouth. You’re stuck with a vision, no one to talk to, no one to turn to, non-compliant people who don’t believe in what God has shown or entrusted you with.

Noah went through the same circumstance. God revealed to Him that a flood was coming and He desired for Noah to hold his family and animals two at a time, nothing more.  The people mocked and ridiculed Him, even his own family the ones he loved thought that He was insane, until the flood hit and they were dry. Unexpected rain fell from the heavens and began to flood the earth. The cries of the people came forth as the people drowned in their own mockery. God completely wiped them out through the flood. 

Some people will remain standing strong with you through the flood. Some animals (people) will watch you go through the troubles of building and preparing and won’t lend you a finger or a helping hand. Oxen, horses, monkeys all are capable of helping one to work and build. Instead they desire to have special access to where God is taking you. They line up two by two to enter into the ark with you. Only to discover that God is with you. I encourage you to remember that God is with you through the flood and the rain. Remember this is it. This is the process and you are more than capable, intelligent, and gifted at handling that which has been revealed to you. When the doubts and fears enter in from the thunder, winds, and rains, just know that God saw something special in you and entrusted you enough to take good care of the vision He revealed to you. Be encouraged as you walk through your process and the envisioned idea. This is it!


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