PRAYER: Lord forgive us for placing idols before You. Raise our standards and help us to be realistic in our expectation of others. 

VERSE OF THE DAY: Exodus 20:3

There will be times when people in your life who are only there for a mere season desire to play the role of God in your life. Now hear me out! After some extensive thinking on my part it came to me that I too have a very bad habit of placing people on high pedal stools. How often do we expect more from others, desire for them to meet unrealistic standards, make requests that we ourselves cannot even master, juggle, or obtain. These thoughts made me fall deeply in love with God. His patience, His unconditional love, His heart, His thoughts, His tender mercy, His unfailing grace, and everything He could ever be to me made me adore Him in ways I didn’t know my heart could.

It wasn’t that I didn’t trust or believe in Gods power but it was that God cannot be placed into a box. When I go about placing man on the same level as I do God I am bound to be disappointed, hurt, confused, or depressed. It’s so important that we leave man in the category of flaws and all. That is what we all are flawed and fallen beings who somehow still make God the least of everything in our lives, unintentionally. We rely on man to fix our problems, fix our circumstances, to change our lives. The problem with this is we are relying on man in hopes that they will play the role of God in our lives. Truth be told neither you or anyone else can be God. No matter how much you try to audition and play the lead role, you simply won’t make the cut.

So I encourage you to do a few things and reevaluate yourself and any unrealistic expectations you may have by asking yourself these questions:

1.) Who do you place on pedal stools and why?

2.) Are your standards high to the point they’re unattainable? Are they realistic for you to achieve yourself?

3.) Whose life are you trying to dictate or control? Is it intentionally or unintentionally and why? If God won’t dictate or control our lives then why should you do so for others?

Be realistic in your standards. Follow the standard that God has for you although we each fall short of it daily. This is simply a moment to reflect on the things that we could change in our lives. A moment to reflect on unrealistic expectations from ourselves and from others.

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