PRAYER: Lord allow us to find comfort in you through our situations and circumstances. Continue to comfort us and help us to get through these storms successfully, stronger, wiser, & better.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Hebrew 4:15-16

Do you ever find yourself in a situation that no matter how much you try to explain your situation or circumstance, no one understands? So what do we do? We connect ourselves to people who have been through similar situations in an attempt to find comfort. Whether you are facing marital rifts, a bad diagnosis, physical or emotional struggles the people you confide in are of meaningful use. But what happens when their empathy and sympathy is not good enough and you still feel empty within?

Taking your concerns to the throne of grace should be what we do first. We should take those concerns to God who can actually change our circumstances. While having friends is a good source of support, your friends don’t have the power to shift your circumstances or forgive you of your sins. I encourage you this week to take your situation and circumstances to the throne of grace. Allow God through your prayers to shift that in which you or your friends cannot. It is in God that you will find true comfort.

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