PRAYER: Lord allow us to rise up as leaders and mentors for our youth. Comfort them in the areas that are full of brokenness. Comfort their hearts as they continue to grow in and through You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Titus 2:3-5, 2:6-7

Younger people have this yearning, this need, this want, this desire to grow and be all of what they can be. They see what lies before them and all they are searching for is the opportunity to fulfill that passion and the desires of their hearts. They desire to take the baton and run the race. The problem that so many young people face is that opportunities are not readily available. They look to the adults to teach, show, mentor, and guide them. They want to do better daily and they want better for themselves.

They may not say the right things. They may not do everything right but it is very important that we as adults and leaders guide them in the right direction. We shouldn’t criticize them, instead we should operate as adults with love, compassion, and a listening ear. The children are our future and it takes a village to raise them all. God desires for the leaders and mentors to rise up to the plate and help guide a young person into a brighter tomorrow. It is the responsibilities of the communities to participate and take their own city to another level.

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