PRAYER: Lord allow the women who are juggling a number of things find comfort in this scripture. Give them balance where needed and step in where they cannot.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 31

Balance involves juggling a number of things at one time. For some it means wearing more than one cap or cape at a time. Majority of us women have to wear an “S” on our chest to get it all done. We won’t discredit the men and their hard work but we will let them rest for today is what we say. Woman have a tendency to have to shift. Our capes must change. One minute you are mom, the next you are managing a company, only to crack open a book determined to walk across that stage with your cap and gown and being an example, only to take on the role of a caregiver, making sure that you are singing in the choir and at rehearsal, only to be a wife to the one you love.

Don’t you dare think for a moment not to hit the gym, not to break a fingernail, not to look like America’s next top model, and please don’t forget to make cupcakes for your son/daughter class party, oh and while your at it be sure to walk the dog, in which the kids claim they would do, after you found that pleasant wet surprise with the happiest welcome home greeting we all just love and adore. What’s for dinner the kids cry and you completely forgot to make groceries after the quick parent meeting that was a surprise to all of the parents on how well their little ones are doing and why they received this class party in the first place.

Wearing an “S” on your chest takes a lot of hard work, game planning, preparation, scheduling, mapping out, and budgeting your time. You can wear that cap and gown but you must get it all done. God is with us when we need to find balance. He wants us to get it done but there are days where we must rely completely on Him, especially on those days we are running on autopilot.

Those are the moments that God desires to step in and come to our rescue. He doesn’t expect you to do all of this on your own. He expects you to pray before you get started and ask for assistance where needed. He expects for you to rely on Him as your balance. Allow Him to weigh your scales and re-calibrate that which is needed. Seek God for balance and watch how smoothly you get it done. You don’t have to be Superwoman. You just have to be Gods woman. A Proverbs 31 Woman!

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