Ephesians_4_29_1PRAYER: Lord allow us to be mindful of our words. Allow us to forgive our brothers and sisters if they offend us but also allow us to not be quickly offended. Grant us more understanding of others opinions and their worldview.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Ephesians 4:29, Proverbs 18:2

Speaking your mind is one thing people say, but hurting and offending one is another. How often have you found yourself in an awkward predicament where you speak your mind and you offend someone? Once you have released the words you’ve said into the atmosphere those words are out there floating around in the universe. It just so happens that those words have landed on someones ears incorrectly and totally out of context. How often do we say something that we don’t mean? We may not mean for it to come out a certain way or we may have meant it in a different manner. What we must all be mindful of is that before we are so quick to be offended by the words of others we must first reevaluate ourselves, our own insecurities, or even our own worldviews. We must take a minute to realize that we each have a different worldview and how we perceive and interpret things. No two eyes will view the same thing in the exact same way. We may agree but we each will agree at a different capacity. That is what makes us all unique individuals.

Taking a moment to simply try to understand one another is of Stay_In_Tact_1importance. Gods word states, “A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion” (Proverbs 18:2). This simply means that as the recipient we must have understanding, for we do not strive to be foolish as children of God. The fool tends to be only concerned about expressing his own opinion. This too means that we have to be good listeners of others. Not only do we have to be understanding but we must be a good listener and not so quick to state our own opinion. So now you have the offender who stated their statement and you have the recipient who receives the statement. Either way you look at it you both have a role to play. We must state our opinions but we must state them with tact. We must be careful not to offend our brothers and sisters in Christ but our brothers and sisters in Christ must too be understanding of others expressions of opinions.

You cannot just take a portion of someones statement and run with it. You must not judge anyone for that is not your position whatsoever, but you must be mindful that taking just a portion of what someone said and twisting their words around is not right. You wouldn’t want someone to do that to you so you too in return should not do that to anyone else. You should treat others as you desire to be treated. So I challenge you today and throughout the week to not be offenders and to not lack in understanding as recipients of others. It is only kind to give people a chance to express their opinions just as you too would want a chance in expressing your own opinions. You also DO NOT have to agree with someone else’s opinion. Nine times out of ten they probably don’t agree with yours and you each are entitled to have your own opinion. That’s what makes you who you are and them who they are. Don’t be so quick to become defensive but be quick to have understanding. Either way, whatever you do STAY IN TACT!Stay_In_Tact

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